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Affordable Heat & Air offers comprehensive professional heat pump services to residents of Wilmington MA as well as the surrounding areas. From regular repairs and maintenance to sales and installation, our EPA-certified team of heating and cooling experts will keep your home safe and comfortable. We also can help to reduce your energy bills by providing maintenance plans and high SEER equipment to ensure that your unit works at peak efficiency for many years into the future.

Purchase a High SEER Heat Pump in Wilmington, MA

Our company carries a number of different high-quality heat pump units to effectively cool and heat your house. Your heat pump uses heat dispersal methods to do double duty. The interior of your home will stay comfortable and cool while using only a low amount of energy when compared with traditional air conditioning systems. When you switch to a heat pump that will significantly reduce your monthly energy bills, especially in the summer.

The SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating lets you know the amount of energy that you will need to use to cool and heat your property. Affordable Heat & Air has units to suit all budgets, with SEER ratings that range from 10.0 up to 17.9. Discover the benefits provided by high-SEER equipment and determine what is best to use on your property.

Keep Your Heat Pump In Great Shape

We here at Affordable Heat & Air go the extra mile to ensure that your equipment operates properly and for as long as possible. Typically heat pumps last about 15 years, and when cared for properly will save you money and provide you with uniform cooling and heating through the entire lifespan of your system. Like all HVAC systems, regular maintenance is needed by a heat pump in order to perform optimally.

We will make sure your unit is kept clean and works at peak efficiency. Ask us today about the affordable maintenance plans that we offer along with the extra benefits that come with being a loyal customer of Affordable Heat & Air.

Heat Pump Repair in Wilmington, MA

When a problem arises, you will know there is an expert who is there to answer your call. Contact us anytime your pump is having difficulties with doing its job. We will get your system back on track right away and get your house returned to a comfortable, cool home.

It doesn’t matter when you need help, you can rely on reliable, fast service. Also, you don’t need to worry about expensive after-hours fees. We are a 24/7 repair service, and we will never charge you overtime for the work that we do – whether it is during the middle of the night or on the weekend.

Some of the more common repairs calls that we get, however, are issues that can be fixed by homeowners on their own. So, check the following before scheduling a service call:

  • Does your heat pump not start? Be sure the thermostat and fuse or breaker for your unit are functioning correctly.
  • Has your outdoor unit started to ice over? Systems are designed to defrost on their own, however, problems can be introduced by thick ice layers. To speed the process up while avoiding damage, use warm water to melt it away.
  • Has your electric bill been skyrocketing? Be sure to check your thermostat to see if your heat pump has been set to heat or cool and not the emergency setting.

If those suggestions do not solve your problem, then call a trusted and trained professional.

Wilmington, MA in Heat Pump Replacement

Even the highest quality equipment will not last forever. After your unit starts faltering or needs to have multiple repairs, then we can help you review your replacement options. Our team has the experience and stock to equip your home with the ideal high-performance heat pump to meet all of your needs.

To find out what your best options are, speak to our technicians. In only 10 minutes, we will provide you with a free quote, and can get your unit installed in just a couple of days.

The business of Affordable Heat & Air is to keep you cool. From regular maintenance and repairs to new installations, we have all of the right tools and experience to ensure that your heat pump continues to run strong. Call (978) 667-8122 to get your service scheduled today.

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Call (978) 667-8122 or Contact Us to learn more about our full list of locations and services, and also great ways to save on your next heating or air conditioning projects.

“Affordable Heat & Air did an amazing job on my house. They replaced the oil heater with a natural gas heater, and the job they did was nothing short of stellar. The way they laid the pipes is a work of art, and the heater works perfectly. I highly recommend them.”

Joel G.
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“We had Affordable Heat & Air replace two 20+ year-old furnaces, and have been thrilled with the results. They installed a new two-stage multi-zone system along with a mini-split, so our replacement also introduced central air through the house while lowering our overall annual costs for all seasons noticeably. We highly recommend this team. They explained each step in the process and consistently delivered.”

- William B.

“We had Affordable Heating and Air install our new system last year (HVAC and water heating), and it has been running great. After moving into our “new” house over the winter and seeing the very large oil bill, we wanted to get a more efficient system. The systems have been working flawlessly for the last year, which has been a great peace of mind for us.”

- Trevor S.

“If you are looking for an efficient, reliable, and affordable contractor, look no further! Affordable Heat & Air worked closely with us from start to finish on the installation of our new HVAC system (along with heat pump). They were on time, courteous, and never left a mess at the end of the day. It is so hard to find great contractors in this day and age, but we are so happy we found Affordable Heat and Air. A++!”

- Daina Q.

“Affordable Heat & Air did an amazing job on my house. They replaced the oil heater with a natural gas heater, and the job they did was nothing short of stellar. The way they laid the pipes is a work of art, and the heater works perfectly. I highly recommend them.”

- Joel G.
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